The Top Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources

April 3, 2017

Traffic are the basis of an affiliate and performance marketing because they determine what you will get and how successful a campaign is. For both affiliates and advertisers.

There are a variety of traffic sources and this article we will be taking you through the different types and how they can be used.

Incentivized traffic – This traffic system is activated when visitors perform a particular action on a website or fulfills an action that is needed by an advertiser.

Content locking  – This traffic source involves refusing access to certain online in exchange for completion of an action by a user. ( claiming a free trial)

Co-registration – This traffic source is derived when users opt in to receive messages from an additional sender asides from the one that they are subscribing to.

Virtual currency (a type of incentivized traffic) – virtual money equivalent that users get for completing certain actions (usually – completing a CPA offer) and can spend on the website where the virtual currency widget is placed.

Adult traffic – users that are interested in platforms that contain adult content.

Pop traffic – users coming from ads that appear as pop-ups or pop-unders that open simultaneously with the requested page. More on PPV traffic here.

iFraming – this is the act of embedding an HTML document in another using an iFrame element.

Online survey – These are users which are redirected to the website of an advertiser as a reward for completing an online survey.

Classifieds – traffic that come from classified ads (e.g. Tinder).

Bot traffic – traffic that are artificially generated by automated spiders and bots

Re-brokering – This is basically outsourcing offer promotion to another publisher payment that is lower than the original payout.

Spyware – This is malware which is installed on a PC or device without the approval of its owner which aims to get valuable personal information.

Adware – This is malware that is installed on a PC or device and displays promotional content.

Interstitial traffic – Interstitial ad is a full page advert which pops up before the main or destination page of a website. While some also pop up in between website contents.

Bundle installs – the is the act of installing a couple of apps like a “bundle” at a minimized cost.

Cloaking – This is redirecting a short and easy looking URL to an unattractive affiliate link. There are different ways to do link cloaking, which includes the manual ones, WordPress plugins, link shortners and the likes.

At the moment, these are the traffic sources that are currently in use and we will update this if a new kind of traffic source pops up. However, if you any issue or clarification, just reach out to our affiliate managers and they will sort it out. Because we are here to help you succeed while redefining the way affiliate marketing is done.



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