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February 29, 2016

Free Score Finder provides consumers a free credit score and complete report instantly. Easy fields and no Social Security number required. Details: Free credit score / ID Monitoring offer. Restrictions No SSN. Converts upon approval of credit card. Restrictions Converts on: CPA – CC Trial Media Types/Tags: Display, Contextual, Email, PPV Country Tags: US Only. NO Incent or Coreg or Craig’s List Traffic Pixel Tracking: iFrame • No traffic will be accepted where a consumer is enticed to fill out the form in order to receive additional, unrelated services • No use of “Free Credit Report” • No bidding on trademarked keywords / terms • No use of trademarked logos • No advertisements designed to convey that FreeScoreFinder.com is associated with the government or any government organization • No brokering to 3rd party networks • You MUST run approved creative only. Partners that do not abide by these restrictions will not be paid for sign-ups generated during the campaign and will forfeit all monies made from the beginning of the term of the agreement. Terms outlined supersede any other contract terms and conditions. Allowed Media Types: Adware Banner Contextual Email PPC CONTACT US FOR CREATIVES. Requirements: IF YOU DO ANY FRAUD ACTIVITY YOU WILL GET BANNED.


التجمع الأول لافيلييت ديجيتال ريفز
هنتكلم فيه عن التسويق عن طريق فيس بوك
هيحاضرنا Eslam Mostafa
العنوان :
28 شارع جابر بن حيان - بجوار مكتبة سمير وعلى - شارع الدقى
هنتعلم سوا ازاى تعمل حملات ناجحة على الفيس بوك
الحضور مجانا
Digital Raves Meet Up/training will be holding on the 24 and 25th of February for our Affiliates in Egypt with top internet GURU Eslam Gamal Mostafa at Community Center in Ad Duqqi, Al Jizah. Come learn how to make money on the internet and meet with super Affiliates
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أحصل على عرض Wap/Web Win an iPhone 7 Gold /Etisalat Du /AE الحصري لدي ديجيتال ريفز الآن، بأعلى عائد
Eslam@digitalraves.com omokafe@digitalraves.com او سجل الآن
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لو عندك ترافيك قوى تقدر من خلاله انك تشغل حملة على عرض 7 days cash وعلى مجموعة من افضل العروض التي لدي ديجيتال ريفز في الشرق الأوسط
كفاك تضييعا للوقت وسجل الآن وأبدا الربح
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ابدأ اليوم بتحقيق اعلى دخل يومى من عرض LottoKings مع اعلى Payout مع ديجيتال ريفز
اضغط هنا للتسجيل
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