Frequently Asked Questions On Affiliate Marketing

January 30, 2017

You clicked on this post because you probably have a lot of questions that you want to get clarifications on, and that’s understandable because every day Affiliate marketing forums are confronted with issues like “How do i get paid for promoting an offer or a brand?” “Why some payments are delayed?” “Why some offers are paused”, “can I get weekly payment?” and so on.

So in order to make it a lot easier for you to be able to deal with these challenges, we will address some of these vital questions so you can focus on increasing your earnings in a smart and productive way.

Affiliates can get compensated in a variety of ways, which are determined by the merchant. The most common are pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, pay-per-install, e.t.c Affiliates only get paid when their promotional efforts actually result in a transaction. Most often, all payments earned by affiliates are paid out through the third-party network the program is hosted on.

There is no cost for signing up as a partner to promote a brand through an affiliate program. You can sign up for as many programs as you would like across any affiliate network at no cost to you.


Most commission rates are usually based on the percentage of the total sale (e.g. 10%). But in some cases it can be a fixed or a flat fee for the product you are promoting/marketing. The commission rate is set by the merchant and communicated to you beforehand.

Some merchants manage their affiliate programs in-house, while others get the services of top Affiliate management firms like Digital Raves have dedicated Affiliate managers who manage the relationships between you and the affiliate/Publisher.

Why Payments Are Delayed?

There are several reasons why they are delays in payments and these includes the availability of payment platform in your country. For example, there are some countries that Paypal does not have access to.
However, if this is the only payment option available for you, the Affiliate management firm you are working with will have issues with processing your payment.
Also, Some Advertisers do require some days to verify the traffic from a source. If this happens, delays in payment tends to arise.

Can I get weekly payment?
Not a lot of Affiliates Marketing Networks make weekly due to issues related to verification and accessing payment gateways. But some top and trusted affiliates with a track record of success get weekly payment from Digital Raves and even get prepayment periodically when the need arises.

We are sure we’ve addressed a few of your questions but if there are other questions that you would want us to address, then simply leave a comment below or send a mail to support@digitalraves.com


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