How To Create A Great Landing Page

July 31, 2017

A pre-lander is basically a one-page landing page that comes up as if a full blown website. This is the page that customers a directed to before they are directed to the main product site to make a purchase or to sign up.


The oint of a landing page is they help increase the visitor’s desire to complete the actions you want.

Why Pre-Landers Are Important

  • It helps convince users, or predispose them to ultimately convert
  • Their purpose is to make the user more engaged and excited about the possibility of carrying out the specified action
  • It helps in traffic optimization and can help increase conversion rates by up to 50%

Anatomy  Of a Good Pre-lander

#1 A clear call to action

They need a well-made, clear, and very explicit button that’ll guide users towards conversions.

#2 They need to have steps

This part is especially true for dating offers. As the user answers some questions and goes on to the next step, they feel increasingly more engaged. 3 to 5 steps. That’s the usual recommendation.

#3 Have a catchy look (nice Pictures)

It needs to be aesthetically cool. It has to be something a user will land on and that immediately spark interest. Why? Because – in case it’s unappealing or bland – the user will simply close it and forget about it!

#4 It has to be beautifully designed

Shady, shoddy, low-grade kind of inferiorly designed pre-landers usually make the campaign worse. If you can’t design to save your life you might as well stick with old school direct linking so you don’t embarrass yourself.

#5 It should load very quickly

There are lots of people who’ve already worked on the stats and it’s proven: the longer it takes for your pre-lander to load, the lower your CR will be. Don’t think about seconds, here. Think about milliseconds! For real!

Now that we’ve taken you through what makes a great landing page, let’s look at how different landing pages should look like for different verticals

Dating Offers

  • A nice picture of a couple,
  • some more detailed info about the advantages of the service,
  • a clear reference to privacy and safety, and
  • a very clear call to action.

Gaming Offers

?They’ll basically consist of some super slick graphics on the back,

?with a short message about the game and

?a clear call to action.

Anti-Virus Offers

Your system is out of date”, or
“Your computer is running too slow
a very clear call to action



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