Affiliate Marketing for Newbies

October 23, 2017

In the ever-evolving technology in the world today, people have used several methods to market their business. One of such methods is affiliate marketing. It’s a way of a company to sell its products by signing up companies or individuals known as “affiliates” which will market the company’s product for an agreed commission.

This performance-based type of marketing rewards the affiliates for each customer brought by the marketing efforts of the affiliate.
Since its inception, it has become a monetization stream for online entrepreneurs, especially bloggers. This is because bloggers recommend things every day and generate lots of traffic to their stories on their blog. It’s the best way to monetize your blog. If you’re a rookie in the business of affiliate marketing, here are a couple of things you MUST know;

The System
Affiliate marketing is a performance-based system that involves four separate elements:

The Affiliate: This is the individual or company who promotes services and products for an agreed commission on each sale.

The Merchant: This person collaborates with the affiliate to promote sales of the product and services.

The Consumer: This refers to whoever uses the goods or services to satisfy basic wants or needs.

The Network: This serves as a platform which is an intermediary between the merchant and the affiliate.

Quality over quantity
Just like when you’re involved with anything, quality should always matter over quantity. Affiliate marketing isn’t left out here. Ensure you have very good and reliable clients you can count on, even if they are few. This is a lot better than having hundreds of unreliable ones.

Know your audience
Who is your audience? What are they looking for? The more relevant the content or ads are to your readers, the more likely they’ll use them. Make sure you educate your audience very well about relevant products. This will determine the success of failure of your venture. Also, don’t exaggerate details of products or services, just to make a quick sale.

Stay in your niche

Focus on your niche so as not to miss out on the whole goal of affiliate marketing. You might get tempted to go with affiliates outside of your network, but it’s never really a good idea. Go with partners that have the same type of business. That way, you’ll have a very good chance of bringing in a wide range of clientele.

Be patient

Just like any other business, building an affiliate marketing trade requires time before it manifests into something great. It doesn’t just happen overnight, and it takes between six months to a year before you start seeing proper results. Record every progress (and setbacks) you make so you’ll see your performance so far.

Affiliate marketing is a new, interesting and lucrative venture as it’s a win-win situation for all the stakeholders involved. Before you jump into the business, it’s always a good idea to know few of these tips to set yourself in motion and pitch your products for the world to see.


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