6 Arabic PPC Tips to Follow

May 17, 2017

Affiliate and performance marketing is expanding massively in the Middle East as more and more people are beginning to embrace internet marketing and one of the payment options that is well accepted in the region is Pay Per Click.

Pay per click is activated when a user clicks on an affiliate link that you are promoting and while it is expanding quickly. There are a lot of affiliates that are not running their PPC affiliate campaign properly. Thus in order to ensure that you properly optimize your PPC campaigns in MENA, we have compiled a few tips that can help you get this done.

Well Written Calls To Action

When you are creating an ad in Arabic it is pertinent to make use or insert of relevant call to action (buy, shop etc.) because this is what will make your ads easier to understand

Make Use Of English

While Arabic is the number one language in MENA, if you only use Arabic in your campaigns, your reach will be limited as you will be alienating some customers who resident in the region but don’t understand Arabic.

Use The Right Keywords

You need to do your research and find the right keywords so your ads can get to your target audience. If you don’t do this, you will be paying more for your campaigns with low ROI/clicks.

Add extensions

A lot of affiliates in MENA don’t make use of ad extension and this is an error that can make you lose out on a couple of valuable clicks. Ad extensions are seen as more authoritative by online users so they are more likely to click on it than those without.

Properly Optimize Landing Page

You need to ensure that the landing page is relevant to the targeted keywords because is it is not, they won’t click. You need to properly optimize your ads landing page so it can complement the ads that you are promoting and it should be the most relevant page on the site

Well Written Headlines

A headline should be engaging, captivating and relevant so when a customer comes across it. They are more likely to click. So you have to ensure that your headlines are free from grammatical errors, clear and direct.  This way you have a better chance of getting a conversion because you already have their attention.

There are more tips that we will continue to share with you every week so ensure you keep your eyes glued to all our social media pages.


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