5 Ways To Increase Sales In MENA

June 16, 2017

When you make an entry into the Arab marketing scene you need to adopt tactics and strategy that will help you reach your target audience a lot more effective.

Marketing a product in MENA is a lot different than other regions because of the unique culture and in this post, we will show you the unique ways that you can use to market and sell products to Arabs.

Put Tribe And Family Friends

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Arabs value family a lot and they can be called collectivist as they believe that an injury to one is an injury to all. This is why they show a high degree of loyalty to family, tribes and religion. So whenever you are pushing a brand or product design it in a way that will promote the collectivist cultures. Lay more emphasis on the community or family in the imagery of the website and honour and respect tradition, status, and cultural maxims.

Relationships Are Important

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Arabs place a high premium on relationships as they believe in good reputations. So before marketing, you have to build a relationship with your target audience by providing value that exceeds the product that you want to sell.

Email Marketing

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Email allows you to have several touch points with your Arab prospects, customers and clients. When you get an Arab on your email list and start to drip feed them valuable information and content you build trust over time as they see you aren’t just about selling your services but you also have to give them value.


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A webinar is a great way to promote a product in MENA because it will give you the opportunity to introduce your product to the market and make them connect with it in a unique way. Webinars can often be the next best thing to giving a prospective customer a one to one meeting. Webinars also give that personal touch but can be done with hundreds of people at a time.

Arabic Is Powerful

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In countries like Saudi Arabia, Arabic is used for nearly everything, making it so a large portion of the population does not speak English. According to one study, “87% of consumers who can’t read English don’t buy products or services at English-language websites.”

To add to this even if your Arab audience speaks some English they still may be much less likely to purchase products from you. 55% of respondents in a language survey stated that they only buy from websites where information is clearly presented in their own language.


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