5 Tips To Optimize Adword Campaigns

April 13, 2017


The success of an adword campaign depends on a whole lot of factors which includes optimization.

In simple terms, optimization is an act or process of making a campaign fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible. It is more or less like checking if a pipleline is leaking after it has been set up.

So without further ado we will get right down to ways that you can optimize a campaign;

Tip 1 – Define your targets

Defining or setting a target might seem like cliché too obvious to you, but it is important to note that optimization has to be done based on certain target. It is only after your target has been defined that you will be able to compare your campaign/ad group/keyword/ad to them and see if there’s a match

Tip 2 – Check The ‘Auto Tagging’

This check will pass the ‘gclid’ through to Google Analytics and allow data from AdWords to be sent to it.

This checkbox is placed under Account Settings > Preferences after clicking the wheel at the top right corner of the screen.

Tip 3 – Set ad Rotation To “Rotate Indefinitely”

The default option in AdWords is ‘Optimize for clicks’, but this options is often meant for beginners. You have to set your ad rotation to ‘rotate indefinitely’ so all your ads can get equal opportunity.

This will make your CTR more meaningful, and will unify the number of conversion that all your offers get.

Tip 4 – Don’t Start A New Campaign On Friday

Starting a campaign on Friday, is a definite “No NO” when it comes to pushing ADword campaigns because you need at least 24 hours to go over an offer and this can’t happen if you upload the campaign on Friday. Thus you won’t be able to make changes as soon as possible.

Tip 5 – Make Sure Everything Is Approve

More often than not you’ll be able to find disapproved ads that you missed which can make your ads inactive , check the keywords that your competitors are using and keywords that are clashing with other keywords within a different ad group.



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