5 Lies Companies Tell Themselves About Affiliate Marketing

June 5, 2017

Affiliate marketing in its simplest form is act of getting a commission for promoting a product for affiliates and paying commission for the sales generated by an individual or group by a company. So it is basically a commission based form of marketing/promotion.

While this definition may seem pretty easy, it is far from reality because affiliate marketing is a lot more complex than the simple definition given here. So in this post, we will be taking you 5 lies that company tell themselves about affiliate marketing

Affiliate Management is Easy

Affiliate marketing is far from easy and it requires a lot of management for it to be successful. So there is a great chance that your company’s affiliate marketing campaign will fail if it is not properly managed.

Also a lot of business owners make the mistake of blindly picking an affiliate without vetting them and run their affiliate campaign without proper monitoring. This is why it is important to pick the right affiliate network to help you deal with the complex issue of recruiting affiliates, tracking their activities and dealing with the financial responsibilities involved. So you can focus on creating better and more engaging product.

This will help save cost and make your campaigns more effective.

Affiliate Marketing is Not Time Consuming

A lot of companies see affiliate marketing as a magic wand that they can just swing and results will start streaming in. But this is not always the case because affiliate marketing requires calculated time and direct effort to work. When you do this, you will begin to see steady results over an extended period of time

Not Offering Engaging Creative

A lot of advertisers just put out their offers without accompanying it with the right creatives to propel it and this often backfires. This is because affiliates do not have the ability or time to make creatives because they are engaged with other offers from other brands. So yes, you need to push out the right creatives to affiliates regardless of how great your product is.

No Tracking URL

This point is self-explanatory and if you don’t know it already then you totally need to consult with Digital Raves

You Have To Be On Many Sites

This is far from the truth because, in affiliate marketing, quality is better than quantity. So even if there are many companies that are willing to promote your products, you need to look out for strategic partners. That can attract the kind of traffic/audience that you need. Tracking also comes into play here. Because you won’t be able to determine where your traffic is coming from if you can’t track and you won’t be able to track it if you don’t have the tools, time and expertise to do.

We are sure your entire management team is reading this and they are like “Affiliate marketing” is so HARD. Well, this is where Digital Raves come in because we have the tools, personnel and network to make sure you get optimal results.

So while all these might be a herculean task to you, it’s what we do in our sleep.


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